Defying the Silence: Available on Amazon on May 23, 2023 – both ebook and hard copy!

In this extraordinary example of how to unionize
in the arts, this labor history book reveals how
some of the world’s finest musicians went from
sitting in the Minnesota Orchestra to standing in
the picket line . . . and how their city rallied
around them.

More Than Meets the Ear: Autographed Edition, SOLD OUT!


More Than Meets the Ear is the story of a grassroots movement that transformed labor relations and the professional lives of U.S. and Canadian symphony musicians. The struggles and accomplishments experienced by many visionary leaders of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s offer inspiration to new generations of musicians, students, teachers, music lovers, labor historians, and orchestra administrators. Written from the perspective of a professional orchestra musician who has experience in committee activity and labor negotiations, More Than Meets the Ear is an unprecedented overview of the profound effect the musician’s labor movement has had on the profession. Minnesota Orchestra case history documents the growth of a major American orchestra in dramatic detail and anecdotes.